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YMMV / Neil Sedaka

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  • Covered Up:
    • He was the first to record "It Hurts To Be In Love" but his label rejected it. Gene Pitney took the backing track and recorded his own vocal, and wound up having a hit.
    • Sedaka co-wrote and recorded "Rainy Jane" in 1969 but it sank without a trace. Two years later Davy Jones covered it and had his biggest solo hit.
    • He co-wrote and recorded "Love Will Keep Us Together" first, then Mac & Katie Kissoon did the first Cover Version (which was a hit on the Dutch charts), before Captain & Tennille turned it into their Signature Song. But the Shout-Out that Toni Tennille gave during the fade out ("Sedaka's back!") reminded listeners where the song came from.
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  • Narm Charm: He sings the Hebrew versions of his songs ‘Oh! Carol!’ and ‘You Mean Everything to Me’ with a really thick American accent, but thanks to a very eloquent translation (albeit using some flowery language) it comes off at least as somewhat endearing.
  • Signature Song: "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" and "Oh! Carol".

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