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YMMV / Napping Princess

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  • Fridge Brilliance: It seems as if Kokone's dreams give her information she shouldn't have about things she doesn't know in the real world. However, after it's revealed that Heartland was based on stories of her mother, it suddenly becomes likely that she really had been given that information about the real world, and just never realized it.
    • Ancien's friendship with Peach, despite her not being related to him in Heartland like Kokone is in real life, makes a lot more sense when you discover Ancien was her young adult mother, not a little girl. Kokone just imagined herself in the role when she was a little girl.
    • The revelation that the stories of Heartland were about Kokone's parents explains why Morio didn't have a role in them (and there wasn't as easy of a role for him to project himself onto like Kokone did Ancien).
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  • Fridge Logic: Based on the scenes we get from the real world and where the real world picks back up, Kokone had to have fallen asleep in one of two places. Either while talking to the Chairman, and then dragged up to a high floor in the Shijima Motors building for some reason, or she was still partially awake while going to that spot, and fell asleep after diving for the tablet. Either way, her waking up while falling and most of the Heartland climax having no parallel in real life makes it the strangest place she fell asleep all movie.

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