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YMMV / Napalm Death

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  • Anvilicious: They write very straight-to-the-point lyrics, probably the most greenhouse lyrics in all of metal, on par with a French tech-death band.
  • Broken Base: Mainly the 'alternative' albums, like Diatribes and Inside the Torn Apart.
  • Funny Moments: "You Suffer". Come on, I bet you laughed the first time you heard it!
  • Hilarious in Hindsight - When Jim Carrey professed his love for the band on The Arsenio Hall Show, he claimed "someday this guy's gonna wanna slow down and do some duets." Then Lee Dorian formed Cathedral, which indeed slowed down and occasionally featured duets.
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  • Signature Song: "You Suffer (But Why)," if only because it's The Guinness World Record holder for shortest song. "Scum" is probably their most well known song and is probably what most fans of the band think when they hear someone mention Napalm Death or even grindcore in general.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: While the Napalm Death fanbase is divided into people who prefer their more hardcore leaning grind albums, people who prefer their more metal albums, and people who like both eras, neither of them had a positive reaction to their more Industrial/Groove Metal-tinged late 90s albums starting with Diatribes.


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