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  • Author's Saving Throw: There was some backlash over Naomi having to vacate the title after getting injured - when it was revealed that her injury wasn't that serious - and she returned only a few weeks later. She also regained the title at WrestleMania, getting her Mania moment in her hometown afterall.
  • Base-Breaking Character: For years ever since her NXT Season 3 days, Naomi was held up as one of the most underrated and misused women on the roster - and numerous fans clamoured for her to get a push. When she finally did in 2015, results were underwhelming and she developed a strong set of detractors. While the hate seems to be dying off as of her 2016 repackaging, fans seem to split over whether Naomi is underwhelming compared to some of the NXT call-ups or if she's got the talent that warrants another push.
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  • Broken Base: Her finisher, the "Rear View", where she does a stationary jumping hip attack while doing the splits. A good number of fans think it's awful and doesn't look legitimate enough for a finisher, while other think that it's okay and that it fits her character. A third camp think it's fine for her repertoire but again shouldn't be a finisher. Not helping matters is that Naomi has frequently alternated between that and many other moves over the years.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Even when she and Cameron were valets to Tons of Funk, Naomi was always the most popular stable member. She has been a big favourite among Diva fans ever since NXT season 3. Before the season had premiered, A.J. Lee was expected to be the favourite to win (as she was the most experienced, and had filmed vignettes for a debut on Smackdown that was axed). After the first episode, Naomi suddenly became a favourite too. She's a frequent winner of the Diva Dirt's annual "Most Underrated" award at the end of the year.
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    • She's also the only person on Total Divas that doesn't get a lot of hate because of her aforementioned levelheadedness.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Her wrestling gear when she first debuted on FCW TV. Diva Dirt columnists did not hold back.
  • Growing the Beard: Her feud with Serena over the FCW Divas' Championship, culminating in Naomi becoming the first champion, is what put a lot of fans on notice that Naomi was serious about wrestling - and a Diva to watch out for in the ring.
    • Happened again in 2016 after the brand split, when, after years of pushing for the raver gimmick, she finally got the chance to go full-tilt with it, including new gear, new music, and a spectacular new entrance that instantly sold her as a star. As a result, she quickly got more over with the live crowds than she'd ever been in her career, which led to a push that, by the end of Wrestle Mania 33, turned her into a 2x Smack Down Women's Champion.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: In 2012 Kaitlyn wasn't able to make it to a live event, and Naomi replaced her for a match against Natalya. Reports described it as "one of the best Diva matches in ages". Fast forward to 2017 where Naomi and Natalya get to wrestle each other on Summerslam. Compare it to their spots in 2012 - where Nattie was a Jobber and Naomi was stuck as a dancing valet - and they end up going for the title in a high profile match on WWE's second biggest PPV of the year.
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  • Memetic Badass: Her fans often refer to her as "Slayomi." It's now canon and being referenced on TV.
  • Memetic Loser: Ironically falls into this with some fans, considering her poor luck since NXT Season 3. She was the runner-up in favour of the inexperienced Kaitlyn, languished in FCW for over a year while her fellow cast members got called up, her eventual call-up had her stuck in a dancing valet role for a further year, and she's had pushes stopped and started for her routinely. Merging this with the above trope has turned her into something of an Iron Woobie for many fans. Further exacerbating matters is her winning the Smackdown Women's Championship but having to relinquish it due to injury only two weeks later.
  • Narm Charm:
    • She wrestled a match while wearing a Hamburger Helper Hand costume - without being affected by the outfit at all. It looked both silly and pretty darn impressive.
    • Some of her rave gimmick's outfits are truly bizarre, but yet still work.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Inverted. She was almost universally praised for most of her career. As of her 2015 heel turn, she's entered Base-Breaking Character status. Some will say that while she plays the heel role decently, she's far better in the ring as a face.
    • This seems to have been played straight as of her 2016 return. She was back to being a Face and had now adopted a gimmick of a raver with a good look and fun entrance. Crowd response to it has been very positive. Some fans are already clamouring for Naomi to get a Smackdown Women's Championship push. When she won the title, fans chanted "you deserve it".
  • They Copied It, Now It Sucks: When she first turned heel, she adopted a pair of big shades as part of her entrance. She was immediately criticised by smarks for copying Sasha Banks - who wore shutter shades as part of her gear - and dropped them almost immediately. Hilariously though she and Sasha would end up teaming together a few months later.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • It's almost universally agreed that her heel turn was badly thought out and robbed the main roster of a babyface Diva that was both likeable and fun to watch in the ring - especially since Naomi had been trained almost exclusively as a Face and was visibly out of her depth as a Heel. This point was emphasised with a Total Divas episode showing how hard she found it adjusting to the heel role.
    • Earlier in her career, Diva fans were not pleased when Kaitlyn got the NXT Season 3 win and barely featured on TV for months - since she was too green to appear on the main roster regularly, and had to train at FCW. Naomi meanwhile was at least at a point where she could wrestle on TV, and spent a year languishing in FCW while the remaining Season 3 contestants got called up. When she did get called up - in the role of a dancing valet - people were still annoyed at her being so wasted.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: As noted under Aborted Arc, AJ Lee had retained her title in the Vickie Guerrero Invitational by making Naomi's hand tap out. This was never followed up on and could have been a good way to continue a feud that never got started.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Discussed about how WWE seemed reluctant to push Naomi as a babyface - despite her being best suited to the role. And she did not get a push until she was turned heel, despite being inexperienced in that role. There's also the fact that she was abruptly dropped from the Divas' Championship picture after WrestleMania 30 despite already being in a storyline with AJ (and therefore could have been put over quickly to accommodate AJ's sudden departure). She was dropped in favour of Paige, who was in the middle of a new storyline on NXT and the creative team clearly had no plan for her when she was debuted. Coupling with the fact that WWE have historically only pushed black Divas as heels suggests that they were reluctant to put the belt on a black female Face. Additionally it is curious that Naomi was the last of her NXT Season 3 alumni to debut on the main roster - in a dancing valet role at that. The rest of them (besides AJ) were all less experienced than her - and also less ethnic.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Her Face–Heel Turn in 2015 was met with Jerkass Has a Point reactions. She already had two pinfall victories over the Divas' Champion, was not given a title match and had to wrestle a battle royal to win the number one contendership. Likewise Paige when she's a face tends to come across as the Designated Hero, making Naomi seem rather justified in her Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • X-Pac Heat: Only when she wore her Hamburger Helper Hand costume.


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