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YMMV / Nameless (2015)

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  • Complete Monster: The Entity is an ancient being from a group of celestials known as the Outsiders, who, after a war with the heroic Titans, was locked away inside an asteroid called Marduk. Stuck in Its prison, the Entity reached out with Its mind and influenced all of humanity with evil thoughts over the millions of years it has existed, and as such, is the root of nearly all evil throughout the course of human history. When the Entity gains a foothold onto the Earth by invading the mind of a man called "Nameless", the Entity forces him to massacre over a dozen people, then uses him to pull Itself closer to Earth over many years, slowly increasing Its influence over humanity and forcing them to commit more and more atrocities. When Nameless attempts to have the Entity purged from his mind, the Entity subjects both him and the exorcist to absolutely horrifying amounts of mental torture while turning most of humanity into ravenous killers who rape and kill anyone they come across. The Entity's master plan is to crash Marduk into the Earth, then open a dimensional gateway to allow the rest of Its species to enter this galaxy, at which point they will plunge what's left of humanity into a living Hell. Loving Its position as "God" of the galaxy, the Entity was described as a psychopathic and sadistic monster, and made no attempts to disprove those claims.