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  • Complete Monster: Chard is a former member of the Nazi "Devil's Legion" who, after being rescued from near-death by an indigenous Vietnamese tribe, convinces them to prop him up as a god. His rule is brutal and isolationist, slaughtering any outsiders who stumble upon his tribe and selling POWs to both sides of the ongoing civil war. His men treated little better, Chard orders a village of his own loyalists slaughtered when one of them helps Lieutenant Vince Calhoun rescue his men, whom Chard had captured earlier. When Calhoun and the Hells Angels he's recruited attack Chard's hideout, the tyrant decides to sell them to the North Vietnamese Army in the hopes they'll be hunted for sport, while murdering one of the bikers himself and bringing his tattered coat back to taunt Calhoun.
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  • So Bad, It's Good: Defined. The film takes the ludicrous premise of "Hells Angels in Vietnam"note  and has fun with it, never taking itself too seriously with glorious amounts of Ham and Cheese from Vernon Wells as the film's Big Bad and plenty of fun action with the Hells Angels mowing their way down through the Viet Cong.

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