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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Sylvia Weinstock, the Wedding Cake Queen made herself a few fans as a guest judge on the first episode due to being a Cool Old Lady with some memorable quotes. She was so well-liked, in fact, that she was brought back for the Holiday season's Hanukkah episode. She even makes an appearance in the Mexican version, despite the fact that she doesn't speak Spanish!
  • Misblamed: The show is often accused of deliberately giving its contestants unhelpfully vague recipes and too little time to work. While the time part is somewhat true—the contestants are given roughly the same amount of time as it would take a professional to complete the task, a time crunch made even harder by the lack of timers on the supplied kitchen appliances—the show actually provides each contestant with recipes and instructions, which are said to actually be "thankfully simple." This misconception likely comes from the fact that each challenge, when presented in the episode, is accompanied by a list of steps the contestants must complete that periodically appears on the screen throughout the challenge. In actuality the list is there to help the viewer keep track of the contestants' objectives—it isn't the contestants' recipe.