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YMMV / NŠturvaktin

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  • Funny Moments: When Ólafur tells Georg what a medium had told him about their past lives together - and Georg's reaction to it.
    "I have five university degrees!!"
  • Ho Yay: The final episode shows Georg leering as Daní­el dances with an attractive Swedish woman... then he elbows the woman out of the way to dance with Daníel himself.
  • Squick: Ólafur gets hooked on a dodgy Chinese "protein shake", which makes him lactate. At the end of the episode he realises there's no milk for his coffee and the last shot is of him looking thoughtfully down at his chest..
  • Tear Jerker: Ólafur sitting in his truck singing and crying quietly after he loses his job and is sacked by his band.
  • The Woobie:
    • Flemming, Georg's twelve-year-old son. He gets sent out on snowy Icelandic nights to collect cans for his father. And Georg calls the police when Flemming eats some chocolate from the store room.
    • Daníel. Dumped by his snotty girlfriend, denounced by his parents for leaving university, and prone to panic attacks when he feels he can't handle a situation, poor Daníel does not have an easy life.