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YMMV / Nada Surf

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  • Face of the Band: Matthew Caws
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The band have a huge following in France and Belgium. It is helped by the fact that two of the band members speak French. They also have a small following in other European countries as well.
    • In particular, The Proximity Effect was released as scheduled in European countries despite failing to meet its U.S. release date (due to meddling from the label), and Let Go was first released outside of the U.S. before making its debut the next year.
  • Growing the Beard: Let Go was seen as this by critics, for moving away from a Weezer-lite novelty act to mature songwriters with compelling indie-pop songs.
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  • Signature Song: "Popular" is this for the 90s alt-rock crowd. "Inside Of Love" may also be considered this for reasons below.
  • Song Association: "Inside of Love" have become iconic to some How I Met Your Mother fans after appearing in the episode "The Slutty Pumpkin" and it's regarded as the song of main character, Ted Mosby, due to how the lyrics relate to his character arc of desiring to find true love.