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YMMV / Myself ; Yourself

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  • Moe: Aoi in general. She also wears an apron during lunch because she doesn't want to mess up her uniform.
  • Nightmare Fuel: When Sana and Asami bury a box as an old lady requested, they can hear the bell of the missing cat they were looking for somewhere nearby. When you find out latter the cat was dead inside the box, the whole scene gets a Tell-Tale Heart feel to it.
  • Incest Yay Shipping: While in original game only Shusuke confesses his feelings and the player is not possible to bring them together, anime version offers a more ambiguous interpretation of their relationship, especially in connection with the open scene at the end of the series. At the same time, the idea of the final incestuous status of their relationship really liked the fans, as a result twincest between Shuri and her brother is considered quite popular interpretation of events among the show's fans. The fact that the in dedicated Shusuke game-sequel, Asami are central romantic interest, and the route of his sister not available, usually little is taken into account.

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