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  • 8.8: Her more recent albums have gotten mixed reviews, which of Broken Base over her work, from claims she's trying too hard by reinventing herself to appeal to younger audiences, or the other end of the spectrum claiming she isn't reinventing herself enough.
  • Author's Saving Throw: As much as her albums divide her fandom, her live performances and live shows are always lauded with almost universal praise, with everyone agreeing she's clearly apart from the french showbusiness in every way.
  • Broken Base: The fandom and the critics are at constant odds over the reinvention of Mylène's image every couple albums, much like Madonna. While some love the idea of her trying new styles, it had caused a few cases of They Changed It, Now It Sucks! in some, while albums that were purposely made to be like her classic works caused some cases of It's the Same, Now It Sucks! in others.
    • It is generally admitted that the albums Anamorphosée and Avant que l'Ombre splitted the fandom the most, both in different ways, the first for being too violent of a musical reinvention for her after L'Autre, and the second for being too long and not "catchy" enough, altough the album was later Vindicated by History.
    • Let's not even touch the subject of the albums who weren't composed by Laurent Boutonnat (namely Bleu Noir, Interstellaires and Désobéissance) which provoked Fan Discontinuity for some.
    • Her duet with Seal, "Les mots". Mylene fans generally love it, but Seal's don't. Word of God claims that's why he rarely participates in duets anymore. Just look at the quote on his trope page!
      • Still it was one of the most successful bilingual duets of all time.
  • Creator Worship: Laurent Boutonnat is deeply respected as the genius composer of the first five albums and treated as an untouchable legend by fans.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • "Sans Logique" is a little-known single in her whole 35-year career. Ask any fan which of her songs they want the most in the next tour. She sang it thirty years after her first Tour in the 2019 Arena show.
    • "Dessine-moi un Mouton", notably (and weirdly) among non-fans.
    • The song "Avant que l'Ombre..." which leaded to its inclusion in her 2011 Best-Of even if it was only a live single. It was already one of the most liked song of the eponymous album, but the live performance sealed the legendary status of this song among fans.
    • The song "Histoires de Fesses" was a fan favourite of the Désobéissance album but it was only 1'57''. Mylene and Feder loved it too, apparently, and the song had an extended on the album's second edition.
    • The band Archive's work on the album Bleu Noir is often considered the best musical collaboration of Mylène after Boutonnat and some people even wished they did a whole album together.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
  • Hilarious in Hindsight : The music video for "Des Larmes" was published days after Game Of Thrones' episode "The Last of the Starks" where the hero Jon Snow says goodbye to his direwolf without petting him. In this video, Mylene hugs a white wolf (in fact a white swiss shepherd) who looks just like Ghost, which brings amused comments under the video.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!/ They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: see Broken Base
  • Never Live It Down: Some people still view her as "That girl who was naked in that Libertine video".
    • Speaking of the Libertine Music Video, her recent music videos are often panned for not being up to the standards of her past super-productions.
  • Nightmare Fuel: As a singer who has been described as being obsessed with death it's really no surprise that she falls into this. Some of her early works got quite gruesome:
    • "Plus Grandir" features decidedly horror imagery mixed with religious imagery. Things such as rape and death as well as an evil doll can be quite creepy.
    • The video for "Libertine" is fairly tame up till the end when Libertine and her rival (played by Sophie Tellier) are fighting each other to the point where both are very visibly bleeding.
    • The sequel to the above song "Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces" is even more violent especially after Libertine's rival ambushes the camp of the army who have saved Libertine.
  • The Scrappy: The song "Sois Moi - Be Me" from the 2001.2011 best-of is widely considered her worst. Any bad song after this one is often called "Be me 2" or "The New Be Me" by the fandom, which happened for the 2012 song "Love Dance" (which is however way more liked than "Sois moi - Be Me").
    • Red One's participation to the Bleu Noir album is often considered dispensable at best. The common saying that Pascal Negre obliged the collaboration for commercial purposes didn't helped at all, and the Lady Gaga-esque music video for "Oui mais... non" is reviled among the fans as one of her worst.
  • Signature Song: "Desenchantee", "Sans Contrefaçon", "Ainsi Soit Je", "Pourvu Quelles Soient Douces", "Libertine", "Je T'aime Melancolie","XXL", "California", "Rever", "Je Te Rends Ton Amour", "Les Mots" and "C'est Une Belle Journee"
  • Tear Jerker: As mentioned above Mylène has been described as being obsessed with death and sadness so it's not surprise her works tend to fall here too:
    • The lyrics to one of her first songs "L'annonciation" are incredibly dark and sad, evoking rape and abortion with barely any metaphor.
    • The lyrics to her song "Libertine" are actually quite sad when translated in which she states she has no soul and is a whore.
    • "Maman a Tort" has lyrics implying the narrator has been cycling between feeling amazing and then feeling horrible. One particular line refers to being "forgotten" by her mother.
    • "Ainsi Soit-Je" is probably her saddest song, with her talking about "What hope could I have when all is dark"
    • "Desechantee" lyrically describes the narrator feeling very lost and confused and being part of a troubled generation and only desiring to have someone who understands them.
    • The joyful song "C'est une belle journée" (Such a good day) talks explicitely about suicide.
    • Another joyful song, "Paradis Inanimé" is in fact the singer talking about her own death and how it will be in the tomb. With electric guitars and catchy rythm.
    • Even some of her titles are already tearjerking. She has a song named "J'ai essayé de vivre" (I tried living) and the lyrics aren't better.
    • The song "A-t-on Jamais" seems to talk about her father's death and how she misses him, wanting to go "to the mountains, to see him"
    • She has at least one in each of her albums, in fact : "Rêver", "Pas le temps de vivre", "Redonne-moi", "Et Pourtant...", "Avant que l'Ombre...", "Point de Suture", "Si j'avais au moins...", "Je te dis tout", "Un jour ou l'autre", "Retenir l'eau"...


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