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YMMV / My Superhero Academy

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  • Designated Hero: Rosalinda, as a PC of a superhero school RP, was supposed to be at least decent. Her actions were anything but.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Monarch. Sure, he's a world (possibly universe)-conquering Hero Killer, but he's also an older, alternate version of Liam from a universe where Hei committed suicide, Lucy died, and Mikael turned into a malevolent demon called Myrkaan The Darklord, amongst other horrible things, which led to his Start of Darkness.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Rosalinda tortured a villain. This is considered as MEH both in and out-of-universe. Her insistence on being right without being aware the gravitiy of her actions did not help at all.
  • The Scrappy: Rosa devolved into this due to her torturing one of the Lethal Legion, coming off as sadistic in doing so, and continually making justifications for doing so, as well as later on trying to equivocate alcoholism to her torture or suggest it was worse - when Dr. Bozo needs his alcohol so his powers work. Her Roleplayer's behavior did not help matters.

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