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YMMV / My Rainy Days

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  • Adorkable: Kouki is such a Japanese history nerd that when Rio invites him to choose a place for their date, he decides to take them on a historical tour in the countryside. His passion for it is so infectious that Rio actually learns a lot from him and manages to get a perfect score on her test (on a technicality thanks to Kouki).
  • Awesome Music: Aside from the original tracks composed by indigo blue and Zentaro Watanabe, the soundtrack also includes songs by Japanese-American band Love Psychedelico and pop singer Yuna Ito (who herself is half-Japanese, half-American, and fluent in both languages).
    • "I'm the One ~Prologue~" and "I'm the One" by indigo blue. The prologue is a beautiful acoustic instrumental, while the main track actually has English lyrics. The song is about being disillusioned by romance and resolving to live without it, which describes Rio's character at the beginning of the movie.
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    • "Waltz" by Love Psychedelico, which plays at the last scene of the movie.
    • "Let It Go" by Yuna Ito. Aside from being an uplifting credits theme about never losing faith in love, there's also an interesting background to her contribution to the movie. The cellphone novel that the movie adapted was originally inspired by an earlier Yuna Ito song, "Miss You". And so her composing a song for the movie adaptation brings her involvement full circle.

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