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YMMV / My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW) Issue 30 to 31

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  • Idiot Plot: The only reason the story happens is because everyone acts stupid and selfish about which building deserves the plaque more. Apparently without Twilight around, Ponyville could spiral into a civil war between its citizens over the slightest disagreement. It's even more of an Idiot Plot when you remember the show had an entire episode that explained the Apple Farm was founded to farm Zap Apples, and Ponyville (including Stinkin' Rich) grew up around it. The characters acknowledge this, and then pretty much ignore it to keep arguing. There's a Hand Wave that it's because there's no documentation on if Stinkin' Rich's store or Sweet Apple Acres was established first (the store simply might not have been prominent until the farm came around), but even the conflict is more about which was more instrumental to Ponyville's founding, making the disagreement even more petty since it's now a completely subjective matter.

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