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YMMV / My Heavenly Judgement

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  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Needless, to say Shipping truly is a Serious Thing, sometimes. To start it off, The Author Colbub created a poll about who should become Alice's canon love interest, and that alone created a lot of arguments among the fandom.
    • Yamamoto was actually a close contender and was ranked just after the two more popular love interests. Which lead to a moderate amount of Ship Sinking.
    • Hoo Boy. Now, there was a vast majority (roughly half of the readers) who genuinely believed that Tsuna should've been the canon love interest instead of Hibari. Mainly because of the controversy that revolves around Kyoko and Haru, being the Satellite Love Interests for Tsuna and fitting more into being a stereotypical Damsel In Distresses in comparison to Alice, who actually bonded and forged one of the most beautiful friendships with. There is also another side to the argument, saying that Alice wouldn't even have met Hibari if it wasn't for Tsuna. A lot of the readers also think that Tsuna and Alice had this kind of 'Opposites Attract' kind of dynamics going on between them and found that to be more enjoyable to see. In comparison to the dynamics of Hibari and Alice, whom both practically projects a similar 'aloof aura'.
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    • However, the other half is entirely happy when Hibari won the poll. The arguments for Hibari is that Hibari will never see Alice as a liability, but as his equal partner. In comparison to Tsuna's constant habit of believing that girls need to be protected at all times. Throughout the story, we also see that Hibari and Alice share similar interests (such as sleeping on the school roof and reading the same romance novel) and many similarities with each other. Alice is also the only person (besides Kusakabe) that truly understand Hibari without him having to say a single thing.

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