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YMMV / Mr. Right

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  • Magnificent Bastard: Francis Munch, The titular "Mr. Right", was a hitman who killed people for money before growing bored killing on the behalf of others, now killing those who attempt to hire him and killing any hitmen trying to assassinate him. Taking a liking to Martha Mckay, Francis uses his charming and humorous personality to win her over, while avoiding assassination attempts during his dates with her. When Martha gets kidnapped by Von and Richard Cartigan, Francis goes to their hideout to rescue Martha, persuading the Cartigan's men not to fight him and killing those who refuse to listen while turning the Cartigan brothers against each other by revealing to Richard that Von tried to have him killed and defeating his former partner, Hopper, in combat. Successfully rescuing Martha, the two are last seen in Vietnam two months later ambushing a sniper trying to kill them.

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