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YMMV / Mr. Monster

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  • Heartwarming Moments: John's speech to the demon about his mother's love.
  • Moment of Awesome: John executing his plan to kill the demon.
    • Radha also gets a Dying Moment of Awesome when she provokes the demon into killing her in order to briefly disable it. It was pure bad luck that John didn't succeed in killing Forman then and there.
    • To explain the above and spoilered text, as well as how this is another awesome moment for John, the demon in this story can only feel the emotions of those around him, and is addicted to all the sensations they bring. Radha and John realize this means that his willpower and strength are thus dependent on Radha's defiance and John's sociopathy; otherwise, he'd be overwhelmed by the sheer terror and sorrow of his other prisoners. When he begins torturing Radha after he finishes torturing John, she intentionally provokes him into electrocuting her to death, which leads to him being overwhelmed and almost crippled by the emotions of the other prisoners. John, who was given a cue by Radha before she died, immediately tries to electrocute Foreman with the open wire. Foreman manages to grab it and fight back, feeding off of John's determination. So John electrocutes himself and Foreman in an attempt to stun them both. If Foreman weren't larger and thus able to recover quickly, John would have woken and been able to rescue everyone.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: The whole book. The Torture House scenes are the worst Nightmare Fuel in the whole series.


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