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  • Critical Research Failure: In his second England Regional video, one of his ideas for Regional Variants was one of Lycanroc, in which he states it is based on Reynardine, whom he classifies as a werewolf. Reynardine is actually a werefox, and the "Reynard" in his name is often associated with foxes, especially with the tale of Reynard the Fox.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: He's made two regional videos based on the UK, and then the canon Pokémon Sword and Shield is announced and has a region based on the United Kingdom, featuring a rabbit starter and a climactic battle against a resurrected and superpowered Poison/Dragon legendary.
    • Cynthia's Sygna Suit in Pokémon Masters almost looks like she has a beehive hairdo. Given how she ends up Buddyized...
  • Nightmare Fuel: The concept of Team Buddy. The idea of taking various Pokemon characters and altering their minds to make them these creepily cheerful versions of themselves can be very unnerving.
    • The Alola Vacation animatic. The way the animatic was presented is surprisingly suspenseful and shows just how threatening Team Buddy can be. Cynthia and her Garchomp enter a Team Buddy salon for a treatment, wherein they get separated. She ends up getting trapped by a Buddyized Fennel and nearly gets Buddyized herself before attempting to find Garchomp and break out...only to find a fully Buddyized Garchomp, who tries to catch her. She manages to escape, only to have a pair of hands grab her. The last we see of Cynthia is becoming fully Buddyized as well, donning her new outfit.
    • We get SEE Acerola get Buddyized and it's this mixed with Tear Jerker. She's desperately calling for Nanu to help, but since he's been buddyized, the young girl is all alone. The voice acting makes it worse, as it plays disturbingly like a rape scene! There's a reason Mr. Buddy never showed Lucina fighting Cynthia.
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    • Near the end of Team Buddy returns Part 3, Wicke sends out a message saying that there will be a Gala in Team Buddy's headquarters. It's already creepy but gets worse when Gladion and Lusamine give a delightful Jump Scare, "inviting" Lillie back to the Foundation. The smiles really don't help

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