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YMMV / Mousou Telepathy

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  • Base-Breaking Character: The main leads, in the early stages.
    • Toda, to some, had a nice contrast between his expressionless outer personality and his overemotional inner self, and found his pining over Nakano was respectful since he keeps his more unsavory thoughts in his head. Other audiences found him a creep and a stalker due to his constant pining for Nakano, and that no amount of inner characterization could salvage the fact that he's still a stoic idealized love interest on the outside.
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    • Nakano gets flak for her passivity (especially in the middle of the manga) and being angry at the thoughts that Toda mostly keeps to himself, and treats her reasonably outside of it. On the other hand, her displeasure with Toda's mostly lewd thoughts is also kept internal, and her arc tries to make her realize that her passivity is hindering her.
    • Shimizu is a very "down the middle" kind of character. His constant loud pining for Nakano and the fact that his arcs center around her gets him seen as an annoying and very obvious Romantic False Lead, as well as his loudness making him seem obnoxious. Those who do like him point to his kind personality and his straightforward attitude towards all things, as well as being honest about what he wants from Nakano and his realizing that his attitude makes her uncomfortable. Nobody was really jonesing for him when he slowly gets written out of the main plot.
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  • Strangled by the Red String: Sano/Mana and Etou/Shimizu to the western fanbase. The two were only really developed late in the manga, and their appearances revolve primarily around Toda and their love interests. They're not even treated as real characters by the narrative itself; compared to the secondary characters, they only get short blurbs instead of a full description like most important people get. At the very least Sano was more accepted after his extra chapter with Mana depicting their Relationship Upgrade, but Etou is still in this trope.

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