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  • Complete Monster: Felina is the queen of the feral cats who terrorize the subway tunnels of Brooklyn, forcing Emperor Titus of Atlantia to regularly supply her with rodents to butcher for fun in exchange for her leaving his kingdom alone; when Titus's wife Conselyea discovered the truth and attempted to reason with the feral queen, Felina murdered her. When the truth behind the peace accord is revealed and Titus is dethroned, Felina declares open season on every rodent in the tunnels, devastating Atlantia and abducting Prince Zucker to use as a hostage and personal plaything. When the rodents, led by Hopper, counterattack and drive off the ferals, Felina attempts to crush Zucker to death out of spite before devouring Titus when he intervenes. It's later revealed that before moving into the tunnels, Felina caused the death of Ace's mother by tricking her into taking her place on death row at the animal shelter, keeping her collar as a souvenir.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Pinkie is a bully and Control Freak, but she's also had to deal with losing both of her parents, even if one of them wasn't really dead. She matures as the series goes on.
    • Devon is a vicious murderer, but he's also clearly been driven mad after losing his father and younger brother to the ferals.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Devon in general. A wrathful, abusive murderer who's been driven mad by his brother's death and seeks to take revenge on those he holds responsible. At one point, he casually muses about mutilating Princess Hope and sending her dismembered body parts to her mother Firren. Even his surviving family members aren't safe from him.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Hopper's Destiny sets up Pup's Start of Darkness, culminating in him swearing vengeance on his siblings and vanishing to plot his retaliation. In Return of the Forgotten, he reforms early on and goes back to being a heroic character with nary a negative trait.

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