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  • Cliché Storm: A common criticism of the series is its use of many common tropes present in many other Mon series without adding anything new to the table.
  • Funny Moments: Some of Jinja's snarks can do this to you.
    • Beyal's Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of "Assault" is awesome to be sure, but his battle cry is hilariously out of character at the same time.
    • While having to listen to the utterly insane ramblings of Dom Pyro, we got this:
    Hargrave: *sigh* I hate my job.
    • In the next episode, we get this line from Klipse of all characters.
    Klipse: Does he have to call me FATHER?
    • The Season 2 Episode "Train" has a quick moment while Team Core-Tech are chasing down Strike Squad in the latter's "borrowed" vehicle. Chase realizes they need the vehicle's weapons to stop Strike Squad.
      Chase: "Ah! We got incoming. Who's manning the weapons?"
      Beyal: (camera pans to Beyal) *Dun Dun Duuuunnnn* "Oh my. But which button is the attack?" (presses seat recliner button) "Ah. Well, not that one."
      • Cue exasperated Dax and Jinja taking it over from Beyal.
    • Season 3 episode "Pet" gives us a rather... out there fellow livin' at the garbage end of a garbage chute named Rot Johnny. With little provocation, he threatens to, before proceeding to, spin out...! A club sandwhich?! It even spins like a Monsuno Core! Right up until it goes splat against the wall.
      Bren: "Waste of a perfectly good ham sandwhich."
      • Then Bren contemplates trying to salvage and eat it before Chase puts it out of his mind.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Eureka Seven had standard mechs called "Mon-Soonos", which were also 'launched'.
  • Ho Yay: Apparently, Chase is Beyal's "destiny".
  • Moral Event Horizon: The Bookman crossed it off-screen by killing all the Monks in the Library, with only Beyal and his master escaping.
    • S.T.O.R.M. appeared to be more or less an Anti-Villain organisation until Charlemagne doomed a whole town as "acceptable" collateral damages to get a wild Monsuno Core.
      • And if that didn't cross it, she callously murdered Team Core-Tech (or so she thought), and told the captured Jeredy Suno to get over it and move on, plus start working on her Monsuno army.
  • Nightmare Fuel: DOM PYRO. His tracking abilities are frighteningly good, he has an insane laugh, he's survived TWO buildings falling on him, and he always talks like a predator, right down to calling his prey mice. And worse, he planned to add Chase and the gang to his collection...
    • And this isn't mentioning how Dom Pyro's Monsuno almost suffered the same fate itself. And apparently the process can't be reversed, judging by his own horrified reaction.
    • The new Monsuno at the end of "Shadows". The most horrific thing about it is the fact that it's actually Jon Ace.
  • Periphery Demographic: A large number of its fans are females due to all the attractive males.
  • Ship Tease: Jinja's had at least one moment with each of the four boys on the team (except Chase).
    • And then at the end of 'Mirrors', her job-well-done kiss to Beyal sends him into a blushing Heroic BSoD-esqe state, causing Bren to fall over from shock and Dax to irritatedly ask if that's all it takes to get a kiss around here. And when she playfully asks if he wants one too, he reacts all flustered and tries to deny/avoid it... Chase meanwhile, is merely standing there looking amused.
    • Afterward, there's Bren and Tango, which at first was just his chasing after her... until she blew him a thank-you kiss at the end of "Pet".
  • So Okay, It's Average: The general critical consensus is that the series is rather generic Mon series without many remarkable qualities.
  • Tear Jerker: Jon Ace's Heroic Sacrifice, which later leads the to above mentioned Nightmare Fuel.
    • Quickforce's Heroic Sacrifice, the fact that Bren blamed himself despite Quickforce actively making the decision of his own accord doesn't help.
    • Bren's depression over losing Quickforce in the next episode is understandable.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: Pretty much like many other Mon franchises, this was instantly dismissed as another "Pokémon rip-off".


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