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YMMV / Monster War

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Edward Hyde, upon being separated from Jekyll, becomes his own being. Falling in to worship the Old Ones, Hyde helps to feed Magdalena and others to Dracula, experimenting on others to craft new monstrosities from them. Letting his vampires prey on other victims, Hyde intends on twisting humanity into monstrous shells while unleashing the Old Ones to consume the world in a symphony of bloodshed and madness.
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    • Dracula is an equally willing partner in Edward Hyde's plot to make all of humanity consume itself. Dracula spreads his vampiric curse to others in the hopes of furthering Hyde's plagues, trying to excruciatingly enslave Magdalena to his curse. At one point, Dracula slaughters over two dozen people in a brothel, all for thrills.

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