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YMMV / Monster Maulers

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  • Awesome Music: The game's soundtrack is a perfect match for its homage to 70s-80s anime and tokusatsu, and some of its tracks wouldn't be out of place in a series from the time it was made. The developers were so aware of this, the game even includes a fully vocal theme track sung by Masato Shimon, a vocalist whose credits include many Kamen Rider series among others, and a soundtrack CD includes, as a bonus, the same theme sung by none other than Hironobu Kageyama!
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  • Genre-Busting: Is Monster Maulers a Fighting Game or a Beat 'em Up? It's more common to see people describe it as the latter, but it plays more like the former; you don't fight waves of enemies(outside of the last level), you can't move upwards and downwards into the background-foreground etc. However, there's no round-system, and if you die and continue you carry on where you left off in the battle, rather than getting a rematch.
  • Nightmare Fuel
    • Brainy / Brain Golem. One huge floating brain with a single big eyeball, and two arms made of several other eyeballs. Although difficult to achieve, you can make its eye fall off during the fight, and it dies in a gruesome explosion. Its lair is similarly gruesome, with flesh and muscles, although at least it's revealed to be an illusion when it dies. You are also treated with a lovely detailed, full-screen picture of it staring at you during the game's second introduction sequence.
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    • Fungus/Slime can appear silly but some of its attacks can be much less, for example the gruesomely detailed tentacles it uses to swallow; its head isn't definite, just an appendage with gills on either side, and it doesn't really turn around but just shifts its front on the opposite side, which can be unnerving to look at.
    • When defeated, Diablo/Fuuraiki's body is assaulted by a flock of crows, very jarring compared to the atmosphere of the fight as a whole.
    • The Moai's head can be almost completely destroyed, but it'll keep fighting.

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