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  • Complete Monster:
    • Count Dracul(a) himself is the Big Bad of this series, having enslaved countless to his vampiric curse in his constant efforts to pursue power and see Dr. Reed and his Monster Force exterminated. Dracula tries various schemes throughout the series, from trying to trap a member of the Monster Force in his lycanthropic form, to have him kill his own friends, to trying to trick a large group of vampires into performing a ceremony that would allow Dracula to take their power and become a god, killing all of them in the process. In his nastiest appearance, Dracula murders the real Abraham Stoker to take his appearance to trick Reed, forcing him to listen as the rest of Monster Force is seemingly killed—only to reveal he's intending to make them his vampire slaves to have Reed die at their hands, admitting the whole plot was solely to make Reed suffer. An elegantly vicious creature of the night all the while, Dracula consciously rejects his own humanity to see all before him destroyed in the finale.
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    • "Dark City" The Dark Town is a living and malevolent entity that takes the shape of a town to lure in prey, while it sadistically relishes in their fear as it drains their lives and souls, the fate that befalls two luckless travelers in the opening. The Dark Town has been traveling for centuries, depopulating entire towns that it lures into its borders before devouring them, vanishing to repeat the cycle anew before trapping the Monster Force themselves.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Dracula himself, a vicious but elegant pastiche of his Universal incarnation, stands as the Monster Force's most formidable adversary. Dracula constantly executes schemes to net himself more power at any cost, usually running rings around the Monster Force until it's almost too late to stop him, always operating with sadistic charm and rebounding from every defeat. Dracula makes pawns of his other vampire cohorts in a scheme meant to steal their energy so he can become a god, outsmarts Dr. Crawley in the guise of vampire hunter Bram Stoker and nearly drives him to despair, and even mounts a successful invasion of Monster Force's own base in the finale through guile.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: In episode 2, the cane that can allow the owner to control all werewolves. Niles and Luke fight over it, Niles ends up having it at the end and then it is never brought again. If it never worked, it may have been humiliating for Niles since he waited decades to try to find it.
    • The episode shows in flashbacks that this is the supposed ability of the cane, but it is never confirmed.
    • If Niles hid or used it after the episode is not confirmed either. When he is captured and later detained, he is not asked about it nor uses it as a bargaining tool.


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