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  • Canon Discontinuity: Her adventures between X-Factor & Hickman's X-Men. According to Cullen Bunn, Hickman was in talks before he started his Uncanny X-Men run and many writers knew the current line of books were just placeholders at the time, and that he was told not to change too much regarding the X-Men. Given that, it would seem everything written about Monet from her time with Storm's X-Men up until the end of Weapon X are all stories that have no bearing on Hickman's new era. When we see Monet in his run, she's wearing the very last costume she wore in X-Factor, she's no longer the White Queen of the Hellfire Club like Bunn wrote, her pairing with Sabretooth is non-existent and she's supposedly back with Synch given Sunspot making a comment about them being together when they helped a young mutant create coffee for Krakoa.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: During the battle with Stryker's cult in Weapon X 24, Monet & Creed are about to be thrown into the blade pit as sacrifices as he apologizes to her for the mess. Monet tells him to stop apologizing & think of something or she'll shove him into the pit herself, which amuses Creed. Cue issue 27. which is the last time Monet saw him.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • While playing chess in X-Factor in Issue #216, Monet says that she always plays with black pieces because she'd rather avoid the White Queen chess piece. In Uncanny X-Men (2015), Monet has joined the Hellfire Club as its new White Queen.
    • Monet's bond with Sabretooth causes a bit of this.
      • During Generation X, She & Jubilee had a contemptuous rivalry. Jubilee is the more openly heroic, sympathetic one and she's close with Wolverine. Monet is more of a provocative Jerkass and she became close with Sabretooth.
      • During Phalanx Covenant, Sabretooth saves Synch from the Phalanx. Which means, Monet's first love was rescued by the man who'd later become her second.
      • When the Phalanx is defeated, "M" goes back to rescue the unconscious Sabretooth from the impending explosion. So adding to the puzzle, Monet's first love was rescued by her second who was able to become her second due to her sisters, the M-twins, saving him.

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