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YMMV / Mona the Vampire

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  • Designated Hero: Mona is almost never portrayed in the wrong despite being quite delusional and getting people into trouble because of her crazy beliefs that they're supernatural beings. Somehow, the adults are (most of the time) stupid enough to believe her. Her two friends, Charley and Lily, are no better either, especially since they often assist Mona and can be equally as delusional as her. Then again, they are 10-year-olds who run their lives on their imaginations.
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  • Designated Villain: A lot of the "antagonists" Mona believes to be supernatural monsters are really just normal people who haven't really done anything remotely villainous.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The CINAR logo shown at the end of Season 4 episodes. This version has a darker sky and a vampire bat flying right over it! It worsens for people with chiroptophobia.

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