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  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Myles being kidnapped in the series finale. Even worse, we never learn his fate.
  • Ass Pull: Many people (including fellow castmates) felt that the Shocking Swerve that Frank cheated on his late wife during their marriage and fathered Dorian as a result of this affair, then had his sister to raise him as her own was so out of character for him and had a hand in sinking the show altogether.
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  • Critical Research Failure: In one of the later episodes, Moesha and friends are at a slam poetry club in which audience members are required to justify themselves if they express disapproval/dislike with a performer's work. After Moesha does so to a poet called Lady Lunatic, she challenges Moesha to a poetry slam contest. But it seems like she had a point, as one of Lady Lunatic's lines in her next poem talks about how the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Vietnam. Worse yet, Moesha's poem, while not exactly groundbreaking, was decent and respectable enough and earned a 10/10/9 from a panel of 3 judges; Lady Lunatic ends up winning with a perfect score.
  • Designated Villain: Dee on many occasions. Even as a stepmother and not even a Wicked Stepmother, at that, but a Reasonable Authority Figure who was at times unintentionally insensitive to her stepdaughter, she was hated by Moesha simply because she wasn't her mother (needless to say, it must have hurt for her father to remarry so soon after her mother's death, but Moesha still came off as too much of a brat.)
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Kim, Mo's funny best friend, who was so popular that she ended up with her own Spin-Off, The Parkers with her mother.
    • Hakeem as well, due to his sympathetic qualities and being another source of comedy to the point that he and Mo eventually got a Relationship Upgrade.
  • Never Live It Down: Moesha turning down a car from Frank, that he would pay all expenses for (save for gas), just because it was a Saturn instead of a Jeep. Even on the Jump The Shark website, the users listed that as one of their top reasons for the show jumping the shark.
  • The Scrappy: Dorian is widely hated by fans due to his Cousin Oliver tendencies and for causing Myles to be kidnapped by an associate of his. Plus, you have fans who also hate that his character was only created so Ray J could ride on his more famous sister's coattails.

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