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YMMV / ModNation Racers

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  • Awesome Music: The soundtrack is purely composed of hip hop, rap and dance-punk music. They are all fantastic tunes, and the soundtrack is also available for purchase in the Playstation Store!
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Despite being just one of the many elite mods seen throughout the game, Shadow is a fan-favourite due to being a Creepy Cute goth girl with unexplained teleportation powers. The wiki even goes as far as to list her just below Tag and Espresso on the main page!
  • Porting Disaster:
    • Due to technical limitations, the PSP version lacks a lot of the PS3 version's customisation.
    • The PSVita version lacks online play, completely removing one of the most vaunted aspects of the original game.
  • Squick: One of the engines is a human heart...that's still beating. There's no blood or anything but still...
  • That One Sidequest:
    • What will always stick as an example of Fake Difficulty is the objective where you have to Sideswipe Three opponents in Fracture at the cliffside. Fortunately, an update toned down the difficulty of the objective: you now have to sideswipe just one opponent.
    • Modobahn's bonus objective used to be rather infuriating, requiring the player to take down an opponent using the devastators. Due to how finicky the hitboxes are for the things, combined with the small hitboxes of the karts themselves, as well as still needing to finish in first, it's no wonder the objective was simply changed in an update to simply require the player to destroy five karts in any way they feel like doing.

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