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YMMV / Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

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  • Adaptation Displacement: Not of the original series, yet, but has completely eclipsed Kazuhisa Kondo's (also quite good, also briefly published in English) manga version as THE Comic-Book Adaptation of Mobile Suit Gundam. Nobody even talks about that other one.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Ryu is a lot more grouchy and sarcastic than the jolly man he was in the original series. Then again, in the original series he had not been nearly killed by Char at Loum...
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    • Did Char ever value his friendship with Garma? The relationship is expanded on considerably in this series and there are moments where Char is given the opportunity to kill Garma or leave him to die but instead helps him. Was it altruism or simply Char biding his time to get close to the rest of the family? Then there are other scenes like his Comforting Comforter moment to Garma, an act that he couldn't have known about and didn't in anyway further Char's agenda. His final words to Garma are about he was a fine friend but that he could "blame this on the misfortune of his birth," which could simply be a taunt or Char just being honest in his own way.
    • Why did Operation British fail? It could have been a failure in execution; Dozle rushed the procedure because of Tianem's advance and the drilling and engine set up may have compromised the Colony's integrity and caused it to break up in atmospheric entry, altering its course. It could have been that the rushed execution ended up making the Colony fall at a rate too quick with too short of an orbital decay causing its destruction. It could have been doomed to failure from conception, however, with Gihren's team not properly accounting for how much damage atmospheric entry would do to the Colony. Or it could be the Federation's interference with Tianem shelling the Colony with his fleet as it fell which could have damaged it to the point it broke up in atmosphere. Even beyond that there's a few debates in universe as to whether Operation British could have destroyed Jaburo had it succeeded. Gihren and Dozle felt that it could whilst Kai and Kycilia felt that Jaburo's defenses were strong enough to protect it.
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    • Did Gihren deliberately leave Dozle to die at Solomon? Kycilia explicitly does as a means to remove a potential enemy but it's not as clear with Gihren. Degwin accuses him of withholding reinforcements from Solomon knowing full well that Dozle would fight to the end rather than retreat; while Gihren counters that he sent the Big Zam and that it was Dozle's fault for staying in the fight. On the one hand, Gihren has no problem disposing of his family members for his benefit (later doing so to Degwin) and may have used the attack to get rid of Dozle. On the other hand, Gihren is also notoriously overconfident and prone to over-relying on super-weapons so he may have thought the Big Zam was all that was needed.
    • Was Char's betrayal of Lino during the Dawn Rebellion a smart move? Did he needlessly dispose of a potentially useful ally in his vendetta against the Zabis due to excessive paranoia, or was he showing exactly the right amount of paranoia by getting rid of a loose cannon whose enthusiasm probably would've accidentally exposed his secret?
  • Broken Base: Fans have their opinions divided to the Mobile Suits' 3D animation. Some of them are fine with it, while some wanted it to be traditionally animated instead.
    • The idea of there being an original Char Aznable that ends up fitting into a dark Body Double plot doesn't fly well with some fans, given the sheer Contrived Coincidence of Casval growing up with an Identical Stranger just for this to happen. Some opinions dive deep into Fan-Disliked Explanation because it tries to answer an plot element from the original series in an overly-convoluted fashion, while others think it only highlights just how much of a horrible person Casval was long before the One Year War.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Char of course, even the movie's commentaries show them off. He might be a lot worse here than in the original series, but Origin also provides a more clear cut Freudian Excuse for him, and helped reintroduce him to a whole new generation of fans eager to jump on the "Char did nothing wrong" train.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Ramba Ral remains incredibly likable.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Kycilia has undergone both Adaptational Attractiveness and Adaptational Villainy; beautiful, cunning, and with a cruel streak rivaling Gihren.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Robbie Daymond portrayed Lino Fernandez, a Zeon academy recruit who idolizes Char before he realizes that he's using his death to motivate the others to revolt. Come Persona 5 and in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, he gets further backstabbed. Both cases even being by a Char Clone.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The end credits of Rise of the Red Comet shows Garma looking up at the Hollywood sign, which comes across as prophetic if you know about the upcoming Live-Action Adaptation.
    • On the merchandise side, the HG version of the RX-78-02 Gundam (Origin version) ends up reusing a lot of parts from the new GM (Guard and Intercept custom), when canonically it was the GM that was created by stripping the bells and whistles off the Gundam.
  • Ho Yay: Char and Garma's relationship had hints in the original series, but it seems to be getting played up much more here.
  • Inferred Holocaust: Averted in the most horrific way. The One Year War and its various battles are given excruciatingly detailed tallies, which ultimately total something like 6 billion. The battle of Hatte alone is mentioned by Dozle to have left 100 million civilians dead. For comparison, the highest tally of World War II victims is 85 million.
  • Memetic Mutation: Zaku: The Origin explanation 
  • Milestone Celebration: The anime adaptation was released in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Gundam franchise, while the upcoming TV reedited version was released in the franchise's 40th anniversary.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Operation British is given such a gravity and focus in this adaptation of the story and The Origin very clearly highlights the scope of the atrocity. The thousands killed by the gas, the millions killed by the Colony's drop, and the lack of remorse that Gihren had in masterminding the whole thing. Ramba Ral is immediately repulsed upon hearing about the plan and bails even if it means being demoted, Degwin loses faith in the Zeon ideal right then and there, and its one of the major reasons why Revil refuses to agree to Zeon demands as he'd be submitting to monsters like Gihren.
    • Kycilia ordering the bombing of a domestic cruiser because of reports that Casval was aboard. Over fifty innocent people are killed, including the original Char Aznable; and the losses mean nothing to her.
    • The OVA suggests that Char could have crossed it long before his betrayal of Garma by intentionally leading Lino, his roommate and friend of the real Char to get killed by Unfriendly Fire just for learning his identity. He was loyal to him, and begged for help right before his death.
  • Narm: Sadly, Yas had the bright idea of merging the infamously narmful TV version of the crew mourning Ryu's death with the more dramatic movie version where Amuro and Hayato fight each other, which just wound up being even sillier. Worse, the redesigned, simplified version of the Guntank in Origin makes Amuro's original reason for being angry at Hayato (failing to prevent Ryu from stealing his Core Fighter) completely moot. Here, Amuro attacks him for whining too much, when everybody else was acting the same way. This might have made a bit of sense if it had been the other way around, since Hayato is The Resenter to Amuro, but Amuro had never known or cared what Hayato thought of him.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Operation British. Zeon's original target was the Federation's base in Jaburo in South America, but they forgot to account for the colony breaking up in the Earth's atmosphere. The colony splits into three gigantic pieces as it falls into the planet: one chunk lands smack into Sydney, Australia, while another crashes into Canada (raining debris across the USA) and the third fragment explodes into the Pacific, causing tidal waves and earthquakes that devastate East Asia. The original 0079 left it there, but The Origin had to go one step further since we get to see the extent of the damage. The Earth's climate is in ruins and half of the planet's population is dead, with everyone else starving and dying of disease. And all of this was just in the first month of the war.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • In the beginning of the series, Zeon Zum Deikun walking to his children's room, holding his daughter Artesia, and tearfully wishing her good-night the evening before going to declare Side 3's independence and his subsequent assassination.
    • The anime also gives us Operation British, from the point of view inside the Colony.
    • At the end of the Flashback arc we see the three kids playing in Side 7. Fraw reveals that Letz's father had just died at the Battle of Loum and with his mother already dead he's now become an orphan.
    • Astraia Dying Alone and the reaction of her children and the people who cared for them is heartbreaking.
    • Sayla's pet cat Lucifer's death, especially for anyone who's ever lost a pet, and found out under similar circumstances. Add to that this happened within days of finding out her mother died. That poor girl needs a hug.


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