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List of YMMV entries for Mitsumete Knight.

The YMMV entries are classified in two categories: one dedicated to game-related entries, and one dedicated to character-related entries.

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    Mitsumete Knight franchise in general 

  • Tear Jerker: A LOT of them. Be prepared to shed a few tears when seeing some of the characters' unfortunate fates.
    • For example, Raizze Haimer : Near the very end of the game, Her father, Wolfgario the Ravager, will try to storm Dolphan Castle in a surprise attack. After he's defeated by the Asian in a one-on-one duel, she tries to interpose between her father and the Asian, who's about to deal the Coup de Grâce, in vain. As a result, one week later, she decides to take revenge, and reveals herself as Salishuan the Spy to the Asian: but, she'll be torn between her feelings of duty as well as her love for her father, and her feelings of love for the Asian, if she has a high Love Gauge with him. In the Salishuan event, the scene is even more powerful thanks to Raizze's seiyuu awesome performance, and the background music which switches from to the epic Battle Theme Music "Salishuan The Spy" to the heartwrenching tune "Sorrowful Sword".


    Mitsumete Knight characters 

  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Raizze Haimer is the undisputable champion of this in the franchise. Despite her storyline being a crucial part of the original game's storyline, she wasn't marketed as a front main heroine unlike Sophia, Priscilla and Anne; yet, she was ranked 1st in the official character popularity ranking, with twice more votes than the 2nd ranked character, Anne (and in unofficial polls, she constantly ranks first as well). Due to this, she became the de-facto main heroine of the later produced Drama CDs, and second heroine after Sophia in the second game, Mitsumete Knight R.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Laury's start-up line when you load a file where she's the girl with the highest Love Gauge. "Waaaaiiii ! Oniiii-chaaaan, isshoni asobou neeeeeee !" Here's some ear-grating Tastes Like Diabetes for you !
  • The Woobie:


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