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YMMV / Miss Sherlock

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  • Fridge Horror: Wato (and quite possibly Sherlock too) needs therapy after everything that's happened to her. Considering what happened, she wouldn't be likely to talk to a mental health professional any time soon.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: More than one viewer has pointed out that the last two episodes of Season One owe a lot to the Sherlock Series 2 finale — "The Reichenbach Fall".
  • Les Yay: Wouldn't be a Sherlock Holmes adaptation without some form of rapport between our lead characters. And oh boy, did the "consulting wives" deliver.
    • Sherlock. The staircase scene. Getting up close and personal with Wato and smelling her. And whispering the explanation.
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    • Sherlock saying that she'd rather have Wato shoot her than anyone else. This is what makes Irikawa's control over Wato crack.
  • Paranoia Fuel: While it's highly improbable in real life, Wato's experiences with Irikawa. This also extends to the support group. Seeking counseling and help after experiencing traumatic events? Commendable. Getting turned by your therapist into her emotionless minion, to the point of being willing to kill for her? Definitely not recommended. Sweet dreams!

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