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YMMV / Miraculous Ladybug S 03 E 01 Chameleon

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: This episode is a major source of contention between fans because of this.
    • Are Alya, Nino, and the class all horrible for turning on Marinette, or were they simply too caught up with Lila not to realize how Mari was getting the short end of the stick, and were just trying to defend the nice new girl with health issues from being treated unfairly from baseless accusations?
    • Did the class initially think Marinette was the one akumatized after storming out of lunch? If so, did this make them realize how unfair they were to her over the seating change and went back to their old ones because of it; hence their Easily Forgiven attitudes afterwards? Plus, did this also make them think Marinette's hostile attitude towards Lila stemmed from her kickstarting the change, and not entirely out of jealousy?
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    • Does Adrien's advice make sense in a pragmatic way, or is he just being an Extreme Doormat who doesn't want to get dragged into the conflict even if his friends might get hurt?
  • Broken Base: There are heavy debates in the fandom regarding this episode and whether or not Lila's subplot is good in the long run. Defenders argue that the subplot keeps the series interesting and tests Marinette's relationship with her friends, while detractors feel that Chameleon's drama was forced and only makes the class look like jerks towards a friend they're established to trust — and that's not even getting into the people who still try to defend Lila after this debacle...
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Few fics acknowledge that "Chameleon" happened, and 90% of those that do parody it or rewrite it to have a different ending. It's the only way to prevent the hot-button issue of bullying from swallowing up whatever narrative writers want to tell.
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  • Idiot Plot: Much of the plot of this episode hinges on the class deciding to force Marinette to sit in the back with zero input from her, then getting mad at her when she rightfully objects to it. This stokes her anger, which draws Hawk Moth's attention to the school. Considering that some of the people in that room have been akumatized before, you'd think they'd realize the danger. Granted they do show some genuine concern for Marinette after she storms off from lunch, and the episode also tries to hint that the class went back to their old seats because they likely realized how unfair they were to Mari over the change.

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