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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • There has been some in-and-out of character debate as to whether or not the Anbruch Group's stint in Fyrherte failed because the two political entities failed to properly research one another and avoid the culture-clash in the first place, or if Anbruch simply didn't care to find out why Fyrherte might not be the best place for them to try to set up a magic shop in. The safest answer is probably that both were at play, and on both sides. Thankfully, things between the two cultures seem to be on the mend after putting their differences aside to fight the Scepter Foundation.
      • Related: Is Fyrherte a generally benevolent nation that has a respect for its native traditions and noble in its practice of restraint towards magic and advancement, or is it a backwards, stuck-in-its-ways, stagnant Theocracy in need of an overhaul?
      • Likewise, is the Anbruch Group a magic-based Megacorp that merely just wants to spread its wares and conveniences around the Crossroads, or is it bordering on being something a little more sinister?
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    • Mort is subject to a lot of this, including whether or not they should still be held responsible for the morally questionable deeds Azoth, their past self, did.
    • Kara has become subject to quite a bit of this in-universe after marrying Valor. A relationship once thought of as sweet has now become a breeding ground for rumors; various NPC characters now make remarks suggesting that she is taking advantage of Valor in some way. One rumor is that her grandfather cut her off from his will and thus she used a relationship with Valor to persuade him to give her inheritance back, another was that she's using Valor to ensure a comfortable life, and yet another was that she intended to use her family's own significant power to de-throne the Von Fyrhertes. A thread later revealed all of these rumors to be fully untrue; even Honora, someone who has been shown to be very supportive of her brother and Kara's relationship, did a bit of second-guessing when she heard those stories, combined with misunderstanding something Kara said at the wedding.
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    • Is Cris a Hurting Hero who is deserving of sympathy, or is he overdramatic and are his feelings of loneliness and rejection by others all in his head?

  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Mairi, CPRO's resident child prodigy engineer, won the 2017 "Ace of the Lower Deck" award by a landslide.
    • Nyldara was intended to be a one-off snobby chef character who would not obtain the role of Leck's personal chef...But ended up winning the position in a taste-testing and soon became a cbox favorite due to her Adorkable personality and near-perfect capturing of the Burned Heavens' tone as a character but in an unexpected way.

  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient:
    • The Neo-Witch Lords arc featured a villain who was able to resurrect the monstrous form of one of the other Witch Lords from the past and cause devastation to the point Mort and Shade had to bring out their full power in order to defeat him.
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    • The Wrath of Urrdukstan Arc had the characters fighting in an actual war, two semi-important characters dying, a betrayal by one of the allies introduced in the arc, and a dragon exploding.
    • The Scepter Arc had Wylo, one of the major villains in the arc, stealing a Deep Spirit's power and becoming a god himself. The Deep Spirits feel the Worf Effect rather hard in this arc, but the fights are generally quite dangerous despite being a shorter arc. A lot of interesting things are revealed about the Burned Heavens, as well.
    • The Portalers Arc has been kicked off by Honora's shard being blasted by an orbital kinetic attack on three of its most powerful countries, something that not even the spirits in the shard could repel.

  • Jerkass Woobie: Nestor. Despite his horrible personality, a lot of his pathetic and needlessly cruel behavior comes from the fact that nobody ever loved him and that he failed at nearly every attempt to redeem himself in the eyes of both villains who employed him.

  • Memetic Loser: Prince Valor, despite not even being particularly bad at what he does. He more just has bad luck sometimes, and some of his behavior has been seen by some as dorky. Locke, a baby Leck who was generated from one of Leck's dreams, spoke his first word just to call Valor a dork. Valor has definitely shown moments of competence and thoughtfulness, but is still seen by the players and characters alike as more of a punching bag/prank target than anything else.

  • The Scrappy: Maur, a deity character that was shown to be omnipresent, omnipotent, and impossible to defeat, presented as an antagonist. Many found his over-poweredness and troublemaking without the consent of the other players bad enough; his smug grinning whenever someone tried to oppose him made it even worse. Nearly all the players had issues with him, and he was retired. It's yet to be seen if he can be brought into the roleplay without being a giant thorn in everyone's side.

  • Squick: The Not-so-ugly but very evil Gula and the VERY hideous Adlerkrig are shown to be an evil and vitriolic version of friends with benefits. The Fisherman outright stated that he wanted to puke after becoming aware of their occasional trysts.

  • Wham Episode: The Tanyun Arc is turning out to be one of these. Leck's birthday is ruined by resurrected Gula and Nestor, Mort is seemingly Killed Off for Real , Leck's palace is destroyed and turned into a dungeon due to the Burned Heavens reacting to the scene Nestor and Gula stirred up, and Leck now has a third eye that hints towards a more eldritch nature than previously thought.
    • The Portalers Arc is shaping up to be one as well, as it opened with one of the main shards being hit with an orbital attack and several countries being nearly destroyed. As well as that, it has been made very clear that Thirteen Death is less smug like several previous villains and far more sociopathic and ruthless. His response to the heroes of the arc refusing him their Portalers for the second time resulted in him responding with threats to their loved ones; many of those 'loved ones' are long-running and beloved characters of the roleplay such as Liz (who was inflicted with Ether Poisoning) and Princess Honora. The latter of those two could have been killed off for good if her spirit mentor hadn't realized Thirteen was coming after her in time.

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