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YMMV / Mimana Iyar Chronicle

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  • Accidental Innuendo: If Melrose's Mad Scientist intentions are not taken into account, her attempts at undressing Crais and/or Sophie border on Black Comedy Rape.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Heidar, the Big Bad. All he does is either use normal attacks (which are 1-hit only, not combos) or summon some grim reaper mooks that are easily disposable.
  • Awesome Music: The soundtrack is the best part of the game. Too bad the bonus CD was such a disappointment.
  • Complete Monster: Heidar attacked Crais's village and killed all the inhabitants, including Crais's family. Before killing Crais's child sister Coral, he mocks her for the fact that her brother is not there to protect her. In the present, Heidar seeks the seven gems that will unlock the sacred water temple and allow him to summon the water dragon to destroy the world. When Otto and his group go searching for one of the gems, Heidar kills them all. When he encounters Crais, he shames him by telling him that he should have been there to protect his sister. After his defeat, his last act before dying is to release the water dragon to destroy the Earth.
  • Enjoy The Story, Skip The Game: The plot is clichéd, but serviceable, and the characters are likeable, but the game's battle system is flawed and the dungeon design is awful.
  • Superlative Dubbing: Definitely some of the best voice work done recently on a PSP RPG.
  • That One Attack: Both Scylla and the final boss have a powerful water-based attack that can kill the entire party (except Patty, who has high resistence to water attacks) in one hit.
  • That One Level: The Forest of Souls is a giant maze where you have to find and activate four symbols to dispel the barrier leading to the boss area. While the level design is complicated enough to make you lose track of where you are going (and the lack of a map doesn't help), the boredom of the task and the high random encounter rate (even with Encounter Repellants) makes it stands out as the worst dungeon in a game full of bad dungeons.