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  • Anticlimax Boss: Catastrophe is built as a very serious threat and described as "the most powerful supervillain ever to terrorise the galaxy." And yet upon his first true appearance, he does nothing more than knock around a few Red Shirts, take several laser blasts, overpowers Horace and beats him up. Before having his powers taken again by Oliver and Kaz, and being defeated by Alan.
    • Subverted with The Annihilator, after formulating a huge plan and brainwashing dozens of heroes to his side including Skylar he is seemingly killed in the first five minutes of "Storms End" after a fight with his mentor Hapax the Elder when Skylar betrays and sucker blasts him. However he proves he's still alive and returns after Oliver has defeated Skylar, and shoots her. He is then killed by Hapax. But the damage is done and Skylar ends up dying of her wounds.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Jordan. Many fans of the show like her Emo/Deadpan Snarker personality, plus she's played by Cozi Zuehlsdorff, a star who despite being largely unknown has a dedicated cult following. She's become the go-to girl when fan works use a female character other than Skylar. In particular, she's popular to ship with Kaz.
    • Spark from "Sparks Fly". A cute, Yandere Action Girl with electric powers. Is it any wonder she's so popular?
    • Despite having no lines in the entire series, Solar Flare.
    • Wallace and Clyde, a comic book geek brother duo. Even though they're villains, it's hard to hate them because they can be seen as an Audience Surrogate for the periphery demographic.
  • Evil Is Cool: Special mention goes to Skylar Storm in Season 2. Her becoming a villain added more appeal to her character.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Skylar Storm in Season 2.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Oliver's mom doesn't want him reading comic books because she knows they are real, and believes they are dangerous for Oliver.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Last we see of Agent Blaylock, Skylar turned him into a statue. Four months later, his actor Windell D. Middlebrooks passed away, and that scene becomes a lot harder to watch.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight
    • In "Atomic Blast From The Past", Skylar (as Connie) tells Stephanie that Skylar Storm would never fight in high heels as it destroys her legacy. By the time of Lab Rats: Elite Force, Skylar's new costume has heels.
    • Looks like the student who "wanna blow sh*t up with with (his) mind" not only had his wish fulfilled but it backfired on him, too, blowing his mind out of proportion.note .
  • Hollywood Homely: Oliver, according to both Kaz and Skylar, yet the first girl to have eyes for him was Bree Davenport.
  • Inferred Holocaust: There are well over a dozen other jars containing stolen heroes powers on The Annihilator's trophy shelves even discounting Skylar's. How many heroes has he defeated and left helpless? Are they okay?
    • Becomes Ascended Fridge Horror in Season two, when the second episode "Lair, Lair" is kicked off with a hero actually brought in near death because the Annihilator stole their powers and their nemesis attacked them while they were vulnerable. And after retrieving the stolen powers at the end of the episode, only six heroes are shown getting them back, suggesting the rest of them have actually been killed because of Annihilator's actions (though there could be more off screen).
  • Playing Against Type: In Good Luck Charlie and A.N.T. Farm the savvy one and the not so bright one are played by Bradley and Jake respectively - the roles are essentially reversed in this show.
    • However, Bradley's character is still very much careless, lazy and a magnet for mischief, like Gabe.
    • Debby Ryan, who mostly plays a somewhat introverted, nerdy, socially awkward and even Butt-Monkey-ish character in her most well-known Disney Channel roles, gets to play a famous and far overconfident rock star who also happens to be a superheroine no less.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Stefanie was originally a Dumb Blonde seen as little more than eye candy, with fans preferring Jordan over her. After Dr. Wrath masqueraded as her in "Mighty Mad" fans started to appreciate her more. In her next appearance she got considerably brighter.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The whole series. The idea of two normal kids who work at a secret hospital for superheroes? That sounds awesome! The problem is they focus way too much on trying to make it funny. Even the Big Bad comes off as an idiot rather than an actual threat.
    • Debatable, while the series has a lot of humour, there is also a strong blend with seriousness. It happy explores the characters dynamics, relationships etc. while opening up many interesting plots. And it does have darker elements while the majority of the villains fall into Laughably Evil, they are still present as being very dangerous (for example a lot of stories actually involve heroes in the hospital needing immediate treatment following there most recent battle going wrong), many come very close to outright killing the protagonists. All the action scenes are always played straight. Likewise season two is noticeably darker, with new Big Bad the Annihilator being considerably more competent and dangerous than the previous one.
    • The plot Mr. Terror is Oliver's mother, Bridget, and she agreed to marry Horace Diaz in order to abuse his resurrection power so the Arcturion does not kill her in the second half of season two that was left at a cliffhanger in the season finale, which ended up becomming the series finale because Disney rushed into Lab Rats: Elite Force instead of giving Mighty Med a season 3 first.

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