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YMMV / Midnight Express

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  • Adaptation Displacement: The film these days is better known than the book.
  • Award Snub: Despite being nominated, John Hurt did not get the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, even though he did win the Golden Globe and BAFTA.
  • Awesome Music:
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  • Complete Monster: Hamidou, the brutish and abusive chief guard of the hellish Sağmalcılar prison, uses his job as a mean to frequently beat, torture and rape the inmates. When the American Billy Hayes steals a blanket during his first night in prison to cover himself from the cold, Hamidou sadistically beats him and then hangs him upside down in order to rape him. He forces his two sons to watch him while he tortures some young boys by hitting them on their feet with his stick. When Jimmy, one of Billy's friends, is caught trying to escape, Hamidou beats him so bad he causes him a severe hernia and makes him lose a testicle. Toward the ending Billy tries to bribe him to into taking him to the sanitarium. Hamidou takes the money, but he brings him instead in another isolated room where he prepares to beat him and rape him once again.
  • Memetic Mutation: The book and movie made "Turkish prison" synonymous with sexual abuse.
  • Nausea Fuel: In a fit of rage, Billy bites off a piece of Rifki's tongue in a kiss, and spits it out onto the ground.
  • TearJerker:
    • When Billy's father finds out about the sentence, loses it, and tells Billy he loves him. Anyone who has a loving father can feel the pain.
    • The scene where Billy reconvenes with his girlfriend. You can see the absolute devastation of the characters and it's probably the most powerful moment in the film.


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