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YMMV / Michel Strogoff

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  • Foe Yay: Ogareff shows a keen interest in knowing Strogoff better. He even admits he finds Strogoff fascinating. As well, he has absolutely no sense of personal space when his ennemy is concerned and his attitude when the two men meet in Feofar's camp looks a lot like stalking.
  • Ho Yay: Feofar is very close to his second-in-command Taizis, and often grabs him by the shoulder or the side of his head, hugs him, gives him genuine smiles...
    • Harry Blount is oddly protective of Alcide Jolivet. One could assume they have already worked together and Blount knows his colleague's tendencies to get in trouble, but playing nurse is perhaps a bit much. Both him and Jolivet seem to have a good understanding of the other's body language as well, and there's a lot of physical contact between them.