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YMMV / Michael Jackson's Ghosts

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  • Acceptable Ethnic Targets: The evil, bigoted Mayor is a fat, middle-aged white guy. It doesn't help that he isn't even played by one, but rather by Michael Jackson in a Fat Suit.
  • Designated Hero: Maestro. Even if he is defending himself — the Mayor and mob don't exactly get a chance to make good on their threats — he holds the whole group captive and with the help of his minions terrifies and emotionally manipulates them for a goodly length of time. He also possesses the Mayor, ultimately driving him to what might be his death, but the other characters love him for all of this and the viewer is supposed to follow suit.
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  • Funny Moments: Near the end, after the Mayor defeated Maestro, he goes to the front of the door only to be greeted by a monstrous Maestro face, who simply shouts "'HELLLO!!!!" in such a goofy manner.


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