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YMMV / Metroid: Zebes Shin'nyuu Shirei

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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Despite being an obscure book from 1986 with lots of Early Installment Weirdness, this gamebook also contains a lot of Adaptation Expansion that ended up working its way into later canonical Metroid games:
    • Super Metroid: Ridley is redesigned to appear more like a Xenomorph Xerox. The stolen Metroid capsule contains an enlarged mutant Metroid, which shares a unique relationship with Samus that no other Metroid has shown. This mutant Metroid interrupts Samus's final battle with the Space Pirates' leader, giving her the opportunity to emerge victorious.
    • Metroid Fusion: As Samus tries to find an escape ship, an advanced form of Metroid can be fought as the Final Boss in the docking bay.
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    • Metroid Prime: Samus has a computer that Enemy Scans the creatures she encounters.
    • Metroid: Zero Mission: Ridley is initially seen nowhere inside his room, and only appears behind Samus when she attempts to leave with an important item. After defeating Mother Brain and escaping Tourian in her original mission to Zebes, Samus is forced to evacuate her own gunship due to an enemy attack. She then boards a massive Space Pirate ship and has her helmet removed, exposing her identity. She then defeats the Space Pirates' de-facto leader and flees in an escape ship before the Space Pirate ship explodes.
    • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes: A heavily-mutated Metroid has an obsession with viewing Samus as its Arch-Enemy. It repeatedly survives and regenerates from being defeated by Samus, even when the site of their battle is destroyed.


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