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YMMV / Message in a Bottle

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Theresa. She is either..
    • A Stalker with a Crush, who fixates on Garret after discovering his and Catherine's letter, and becomes obsessed with finding him. She goes as far as to order an analysis of the type of the paper used by Garret, before tracking down his home and lying about her intentions.
    • She is alternatively a case of Love Before Sight, whose intentions are pure and honest, and she simply goes about it the wrong way.
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    • Alternatively, her fixation on the letters one of which wasn't even written by Garret and she never noticed, can be chalked up to Loving a Shadow.
  • Spiritual Antithesis: To Sleepless in Seattle. They bare many plot similarities, but while Sleepless is a Rom Com where the woman stalking a man she has never met is portrayed as comically obsessive, Bottle's protagonists are a doomed romance that ends tragically.

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