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YMMV / Megumi Nakajima

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  • I Am Not Spock: Some fans tend to see her (half-Filipino rising star) AS Ranka Lee (quarter-Zentradi rising star; other similarities are also cited). She seems to have responded with a nice Take That! in her "Be Myself" dance. While the lyrics might be read as containing references to Macross Frontier, the dance includes some hand gesture sequences (with the camera focusing on the hand) but the famous "Kira" just never comes. Which ties in nicely with the song title ("Be myself" as in Megumi, not Ranka).
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  • Identical Stranger: Looks and voice wise, you would have thought she's Miranda Cosgrove's eastern counterpart/lookalike, but the similarities end there. As far as we know, however, neither Cosgrove nor Nakajima seem to know each other.
  • Moe: As Ranka Lee.


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