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YMMV / Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen

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  • Awesome Music: After a grueling slog through Wily Castle stage 7 and a complete fake-out by Dr. Wily, we are forced to another stage of the Skull Castle. However, what makes it completely awesome is the Wily stage 1 music from Mega Man 2 blaring out through your speakers, giving you no doubt that you are on the home stretch. Heck yeah!
  • Broken Base:
    • There is a strong split between players on applauding the length of the stages and reviling the game because of this. The fact there are permanent checkpoints never seems to enter the discussion about this issue.
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    • There are complaints that arose due to the overabundance of bottomless pits and instant death spikes littered throughout every level. Some feel it adds to the tense, platforming feel of the game while others believe it is an example of shoddy level design.
  • Demonic Spiders: The Power Muscler in Stone Man’s stage, Knight Man’s stage and a few of the Skull Castle stages takes many shots to bring down and can hack a huge junk off your life meter. The Bikky’s from Spark Man’s stage and Skull Castle stage 5 are immune to all damage unless their eyes are open; coupled with the fact that they do huge chunks of damage to you, it is best to sometimes just slide under them and move on. The one that takes the cake however is the Apache Joe who appears in Star Man’s stage and Knight Man’s stage; these enemies are relentless and they have pinpoint aim and once defeated, respawn after a short time. Annoying.
  • Game-Breaker: The Knight Crush. It blows through any shielded enemy defense in the game, can one-shot most common and even mini-boss like enemies in the game, and is a secondary weakness to every boss in the game. The fact it uses low weapon usage per shot and you got a suitable buster replacement for every stage in the game.
    • Any of the three screen wipe weapons could also count: Rain Flush, Centaur Flash and Tornado Blow. Once you acquire all three, one can blaze through an entire level, swapping between the three as needed, to decimate any enemy-based obstacle in your path.
  • Goddamned Bats: The Kouker Q, Yambow and Swallown can qualify, or just about any flying enemy during heavy platform segments over bottomless pits or spikes.
  • Good Bad Bugs: The Spark Shock could be used as a secondary weakness for each of the Megaman Killers: Enker, Punk and Ballade; despite the fact that it was not a designated weakness of each killer. Unfortunately, this was fixed in the 1.4 release of the game but is still present in all previous releases.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Pharaoh Man was shoehorned in despite the fact it wasn’t exactly a favorite Mega Man 4 Robot Master of the game’s creator: Dark Flame Wolf. He was placed in due to his immense popularity within the Mega Man community.
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  • Nintendo Hard: Many Let's Players and reviewers of the game have stated it is harder than most Mega Man games in the classic, official series, due to it being difficult by legitimate challenges or cheap Trial-and-Error Gameplay is open to debate and varies wildly on the player experiencing the game.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: More Let's Players have had trouble with the Mag Flys than any other gimmick in the game. The concept of utilizing their magnetic pull to raise and lower yourself to dodge obstacles has eluded many a player.
  • That One Attack: Tornado Man's cloud attack. It slows you down, halves your jump height and makes you susceptible to his incoming Tornado Blow which launches the platforms into the instant death spikes above. Lovely.
  • That One Boss: Revamped due to player feedback:
    • Tornado Man, his entire arena is one big deathtrap; every time he uses his Tornado Blow, the two center platforms rise to slam you into the Spikes of Doom on the ceiling. There are bottomless pits beneath said platforms. He produces clouds that latch onto you that slow your movement and dull your jumping height, making it all the more likely those platforms will catch you and send you to your doom.
    • Star Man, unless you are pelting him with nothing but lemons, he will most assuredly teleport away from your charged buster blasts and summon a Colony Drop on your head. Furthermore, his outward spiraling Star Crash attack is almost impossible to dodge most instances and many players have been frustrated by the elongated pacing of his battle.
    • The Square Machine at the end of Skull Castle 6 is one just for its sheer annoyance factor. It takes forever to get the machine's vulnerable spot to become available and you only have a limited time to hit it, which drags the battle on forever. Combine this with the multitude of ways it can instant kill you and you got a recipe for an aggravating boss.
    • The final battle with the Wily Machine and Capsule in Skull Castle 8 can be punishing; the quick attacks of the huge crusher tank in the first two phases leave little room for error on dodging its shots. The capsule battle is just as arduous and annoying as the one found in Mega Man 7; with Wily giving you little chances to hit him.
  • That One Level: There are quite a few actually:
    • Centaur Man’s stage can be hell until you get past the initial water section of death, then the stage gets strangely easier.
    • Magma Man’s stage can play out like a bastardized version of Quick Man’s and is just as hard to get through.
    • Toad Man’s stage is extremely long and many of the rain segments make it hard to cross platforms successfully. Combine that with bird-like swarms that try to knock you off your perch and you have a recipe for frustration.
    • Star Man’s stage is a grueling gauntlet of low gravity combined with spiked ceilings and shifting gravity that fluctuates as you progress through the latter half of the stage. You’ll be lucky to make it to the boss with one life left intact!
    • Tornado Man’s stage is one full level of hurt. It is platform intensive combined with shifting wind currents during the rain sections and deadly flying enemies that can kick you off your platform; Neither half of the stage is easier than the other and it is just one long slog.
    • Yamato Man's stage is not only long and full of death spikes, it can take forever to get to checkpoints since you must wait on grasshopper enemies to get you to where you need to be. This level drags on and the checkpoints are spaced quite a good distance apart from each other making it frustrating when you die and must start back at the beginning because you were only one screen away from a checkpoint. Oh, and Yoku Blocks.
    • Wily Castle stage 8 is seemingly out to get you. You have to be constantly on the move to survive in this level. Hesitate for only a moment and you die.

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