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YMMV / Matchstick Men

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  • Ho Yay: Frank often jokingly flirts with Roy, as if he enjoys how uncomfortable it makes him. It doesn't always appear to be entirely unrequited either; when they're parting ways, Roy tells Frank he loves him as they listen to Danke Schoen, a rather foreshadowy song about how the singer sincerely thanks their lover "for all the joy and pain."
  • Memetic Mutation: A few of Nicolas Cage's lines in this film have become famous as oft-cited examples of Cage's trademark "Cage Rage". "Hey, have you ever been dragged on the sidewalk and beaten 'til you... PISSED BLOOD?!" and "Bull SHIT, MON!" are the most notable ones.
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  • The Woobie: Roy. He may be a con artist, but his repressed guilt over his actions is apparently what drives his paralyzing Super OCD. it gets worse after he meets Angela, as his painfully obvious desire to connect with his newfound daughter causes him to make several very reckless decisions.


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