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YMMV / M*A*S*H S3 E18: House Arrest

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  • Broken Base: The subject of rape is treated as casual comedy by the characters. To this day, fans are divided on whether it is legitimately funny or just in plain poor taste.
  • Designated Hero: Hawkeye punched Frank in the face with little provocation after verbally bullying Margaret. And yet because Frank is The Un-Favourite in the camp, Hawkeye's aggressive act is seen as being heroic.
  • Designated Villain: All Frank ever did at first was defend Margaret's honour by using a towel snap on Hawkeye. This earns him a punch in the face from Hawkeye, ignorance by most of the camp, and a What the Hell, Hero? from Henry Blake for wanting Hawkeye trialled for the offence when Frank is in full right to demand it. He is then forced to watch as the camp continually shows Hawkeye a great deal of respect, even by the MP guards and Father Mulcahy. And then he is framed by Colonel Reese and is charged with attempted rape.

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