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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Italians Love Melmo — as with the fairly obscure Himitsu no Akko-chan, Marvelous Melmo became a popular hit in Italy with the title I Bon Bon Magici di Lilly (Lilly's magic candies).
  • Tear Jerker: Episode 8, when the doll-mother self-immolates herself to keep the kids warm after developing genuine motherly feelings for them.
  • The Woobie: Quite a few characters, in fact
    • Melmo and her brothers fit sometimes, since they are orphans who are often forced to act older than they are to get by.
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    • Burako the elephant in episode 2. Due to reaching puberty, she is lonely because she is the sole elephant at the zoo where she lives, so Melmo takes her to Africa as a fertilized cell. When they get there, the other elephants aren't as welcoming as they'd like, and bully her mercilessly.
    • The fat thief in the episode '3,650 Days of Terror.' Due to Dr. Waregasu and Melmo's plan to trick the thieves that his out in her house into thinking that they've been asleep for ten years, the fat thief believes his daughter died due to the fact she never got a life-saving operation, and he is too poor to pay for it on his own.
    • Shogo in the episode 'Melmo the Bride.' His mother left him, his father is an alcoholic and regularly insults him, and he's the leader of the delinquents at his school. Shogo apparently had a crush on Melmo's mother back when she taught at his high school. Shogo works his ass off for her due to Melmo's demands to prove his worthiness due to having talked to Prof. Waregasu about Shogo's love letter, but near the end ends up crying and begging to see his mother again like a small child, on top of literally having worked himself sick for Melmo, making her feel guilty.
      • It ends happy for him, since his mother does come back as the end, as well as his father realizing what an asshat he's been, and promises to treat his family better.


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