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YMMV / Marked for Death

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The film:

  • Anti-Climax Boss: Screwface #1. After Hatcher kicks sand in his face, he delivers a sudden Groin Attack, then chops off his head. Their sword "fight" takes no more than thirty seconds.
  • Complete Monster: Screwface is a feared Jamaican crime boss rumored to have supernatural powers. Known to savagely murder anyone who he feels crosses him, Screwface has the members of a rival gang shot up in an occupied bar by his men and later murders with his own hands the woman who helped the gang's leader. When retired cop John Hatcher subdues one of his men, Screwface orders a hit on him and his entire family, succeeding in almost fatally wounding his young niece and stripping and marking his sister Tracy for death in her own home. Screwface continues to mercilessly torment Hatcher, attempting to burn him alive and vowing never to stop until his entire family is dead. Screwface uses murder, sacrifice, and immoral drug trade through his posse, and his cruelty is so immense his own minions prefer suicide rather than confronting him for their failures.
  • Fridge Logic: How did Hatcher get a severed head through airport security?
    • He's former DEA, he probably still has some connections.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Danny Trejo makes his film debut as an informant killed in the first 15 minutes. Twenty years later, Trejo would finally get a leading role in Machete... in which Seagal plays the Big Bad.
  • Narm: Screwface's Cosby sweater.


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