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YMMV / Marine Corps Yumi

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  • Write Who You Know: Some characters are partially based on Moreno and people she knew.
    • Yumi is an Americannote  with Japanese bloodnote , raised in Japannote , elected Molly Marine in her platoon, assigned to CBRN defense and interpreter duties, and stationed in Okinawa. Intentionally or not, Nagumo also sounds a bit like Nogami.
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    • Rita was born and raised in Okinawa, has a Hispanic surnamenote , and joined the Marines in part to return to her birthplace.
    • Donna wears glasses (and is horrified about how she looks wearing BCG) and is an Occidental Otaku.
    • Linda enlisted after quitting a dead-end job.
    • Erica Bush is named after yuri journalist Erica Friedman and has the same interests.

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