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YMMV / Maria Cross

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  • Crazy Awesome/Awesome Music: If you're a Metal Screamer, you may find Maria's screaming capacity as being far beyond human. Some fans are convinced that Maria's got quite possibly the highest vocal range in Visual Kei. And we're not even getting to the effortless shifts from male to extremely convincing female falsetto vocals. Some even blame their relatively low-fi recording and performance setups as responsible for the perceived unlistenability of their voice.
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  • Expectation Lowerer: If you're a Visual Kei vocalist, this is the floor. You are likely more talented than Maria Cross either is or pretends to be, unless you are Hollywood Tone-Deaf and your voice sounds like a cat yowling along to an endless loop of the Wilhelm Scream, with the occasional burst of the local Emergency Broadcast system added for flavor.
  • So Bad, It's Good: To two parties usually:
    • To Visual Kei fans who see Maria as a parody or straight up So Bad, It's Good. Also, there has to be something said, even if it's not much, for someone who repeatedly stays at doing what they want to do even if the result is intense mockery from nearly everyone involved with it or being considered a parody or "hey, I may be an awful singer/guitarist/etc, but I'm not Maria Cross."
    • To noise/grindcore/etc fans.

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