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  • Badass Decay/Dork Age: Granted, he missed several months in 1997, but he fell really far during that time. In the 1996 Pro Wrestling Illustrated "PWI 500," he was ranked #43, in between Chris Jericho and Tommy Dreamer. In 1997, he had dropped to #221, in between the Mexican luchador Damien and Michinoku Pro Wrestling's MEN'S Teioh. While those guys were both great workers, at the time they meant nothing in America. In 1998, he was up to #54, in between "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, which might seem like a compliment except that Hulk wasn't at his most motivated that year and Flair was out for the bulk of the year due to Eric Bischoff's lawsuit.
  • Fridge Logic: While calling someone a Jobber works as an insult, what was the purpose behind telling everyone that Salvatore Sincere's real name is Tom Brandi? Sincere was a heel jobber who nobody cared about to that point, and, after he shed the gimmick and turned face, he still didn't get much of a push. Why waste that kind of ammo on someone so utterly unimportant?
    • The only other interpretation was that it was Vince Russo trying to shock people by breaking Kayfabe.

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