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YMMV / Manilla Road

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  • Awesome Music: Everything on Crystal Logic, Open the Gates, The Deluge and Mystification... for a start.
  • Broken Base: Shelton's unusual vocal style is something of a Base Breaker among metalheads in general. For Manilla Road fans specifically, there are several:
    • Are Invasion and Metal a good start for the band, or sloppy efforts from a group of amateurs who didn't know where they were going?
    • Though most fans agree with Shelton that The Circus Maximus isn't fitting as an official Manilla Road album (given that it wasn't supposed to be one in the first place), whether or not it's good in its own right is a much thornier question. The songwriting and vocal efforts of Andrew Coss and Aaron Brown are particularly contentious.
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    • Hellroadie. He's either a great addition to the band who contributes a lot to their post-reunion style, or he's a substandard vocalist with a much less interesting voice than Shelton. (That said, his live vocal contributions are generally well-regarded.)
  • Cult Classic: One of heavy metal's all-time great cult bands.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Randy Foxe is perhaps the most praised member aside from Shelton himself, thanks to his unique, intensely complex and busy drumming style that pushed the band in a much heavier and faster direction. The announcement that he would be the new drummer for Hellwell was met with much rejoicing among fans.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: In the 80's, Manilla Road were always more popular in Europe than America (they were signed to the French label Black Dragon Records from Open the Gates onwards), but were unable to tour there until the new millennium due to various logistical issues. They were particularly well-received in Italy and Greece, which in recent years have become home to a number of bands heavily influenced by Manilla Road, sometimes dubbed the “new wave of Mediterranean epic metal” (examples include Doomsword, Battleroar and Holy Martyr).
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  • Growing the Beard: Most of the fandom, and Shelton himself, think that the band went through this with Crystal Logic, where they shed most of their hard rock and psychedelic elements in favour of their classic “epic metal” style. Some would also say that the beard got even longer when the band got heavier and more technical on Open the Gates.
  • Seasonal Rot: Some fans tend to see the post-Playground of the Damned albums as tired and derivative efforts from a band who've run out of ideas. Mysterium tends to get this criticism most often, as it has the most streamlined sound out of the four, and is the only Manilla Road album to feature more lead vocals from Hellroadie than Shelton.
  • Signature Song: “Necropolis”, with “Flaming Metal Systems” a close second.

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